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চীন: যে দেশের জনসংখ্যা সঙ্কোচন পুরো বিশ্বের চিন্তার কারণ 

জনসংখ্যা বৃদ্ধির দুর্বল গতি চীনে হয়তো সঙ্কটের জন্ম দেবে না, কিন্তু সেকারণে বাকি বিশ্বকে কম উৎপাদন ও উচ্চমূল্যের পণ্য ক্রয়ের মতো বাস্তবতার মুখে পড়তে হবে

How murky legal rules allow Tesla’s Musk to keep moving markets

The celebrity CEO, who boasts more than 54 million Twitter followers and has a devoted constituency on Reddit, has whipsawed the cryptocurrency market and sent some stocks soaring this year with a...

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Cavani extends Man Utd stay

"Over the season, I have developed a great affection for the club and everything that it represents," he said confirming his extension.

4d | Sports

IPL ‘can’t happen’ in India while coronavirus rages: Ganguly

The Indian Premier League was abruptly halted at the halfway stage last week after several players became infected.

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Why Apple's iOS 14.5 update is a ticking time bomb for Facebook

While this new privacy policy of Apple gives power back to the users to control what data they share, it threatens the existence of thousands of data harvesting companies like Facebook.

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CodersTrust: Teaching you freelancing the right way

A global skill development institute operating in 11 countries, CodersTrust brushes up globally demanded skills of its students to earn money online, find jobs or improve careers 

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