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৪ দিনের রিমান্ডে পরীমনি

পরীমনি ছাড়াও ওই মামলার আরেক আসামী আশরাফুল ইসলাম ওরফে দীপুকেও চার দিনে রিমান্ডে নেওয়ার অনুমতি দিয়েছে আদালত।

Big gender gap in financial inclusion in Bangladesh

There is a 13% gender gap in phone ownership, 14% gender gap in mobile financial service (MFS) account ownership, 29.2% in bank account ownership and 44.8% in labour participation

5h | Economy

Anti-vaxxers thrive as social media platforms overlook Bangla misinformation campaigns

Social media-based anti-vaxxers have thousands of ardent followers in Bangladesh. So what are the social media tech giants doing about it? Not much as it turns out

4h | Panorama

Business sector took an unjust opportunity amid the pandemic crisis 

The opening of the garment factories, as well as the public transport, will harm the overall result of the public health and social measures (“lockdown”). The more the movement, the risk of the...

6h | Panorama