The packages will cover disability, hospitalisation, surgery, OPD costs, hospicash and accidental cash with a reasonable annual of premium
Insurers are working on a “Digital Revenue Stamp” with their regulator and the National Board of Revenue, so that receiving customers becomes quick and convenient
Hundreds of thousands of people end up being broke every year if they suffer any critical disease or become disabled
The hospital initially plans to cover 20,000 low income people in Dhaka city
As the stock market is open amid the Covid-19 pandemic, BSEC came up with the insurance instructions    
The insurance companies think that abolishing tax on health insurance will increase premium income and the number of customers in this sector
The insurance coverage for all workers will also add at least $10 billion to the country’s economy annually
The health ministry has sought Tk750 crore from the upcoming budget for health compensation of doctors, nurses and technicians