Tahoor introduces exclusive Eid series for Bangladesh and UAE markets


TBS Report
13 March, 2024, 11:15 pm
Last modified: 13 March, 2024, 11:21 pm

Tahoor introduces an exclusive Eid series tailored for both the UAE and Bangladesh markets, marking its debut in these regions. 

Crafted with the diverse preferences of both audiences in mind, this series blends cultural elements to create a unique collection. 

Available both in-store and online, customers can find the first batch of this Eid collection in Dubai, Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet, reads a press release.

The unveiling of Tahoor's Eid series will continue throughout the third week of Ramadan, promising a steady stream of new arrivals. 

To explore these affordable yet luxurious modest collections, patrons can visit their nearest Tahoor outlet or browse online at www.tahoorstudio.com.

Tahoor extends its reach through retail outlets across the nation, with UNIMART serving as a convenient avenue for basic wear. 

In the UAE, Tahoor's presence is notable at "The District Venue," a prestigious multi-brand designer outlet in Jumeirah exclusively featuring Gulf designers' premium lines. As a registered company in the UAE, Tahoor's designs have earned acclaim among local Emirati clientele, elevating its status among other premium Gulf designers showcased at The District.

This year, Tahoor brings the same exceptional line to its loyal local audience, who have supported the brand for over a decade. Moreover, this coveted collection is now accessible in Bangladesh, marking a significant expansion for Tahoor into new markets.


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