Summit, Beximco announce donation for 4,000 students’ education


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09 August, 2021, 08:30 pm
Last modified: 09 August, 2021, 08:31 pm
Once the education institutions open, the grant will be used to run the digital schools

Summit Corporation and Beximco Holdings, the country's two leading conglomerates, jointly announced a matching grant of Tk45 million per annum for three years to Jaago Foundation, enabling them to educate 4,000 students across the country.

Jaago utilises their Unesco award winning teaching model using ICT to ensure education over telephone calls, short messaging service and video conferencing system.

This is even more important while the educational institutions are closed due to the pandemic, said a media statement issued on Monday.

Once the education institutions open, the grant will be used to run the digital schools.

This is the first time two local conglomerates are jointly contributing such a large amount to a local non-profit organisation, the media statement read.

Muhammed Aziz Khan, founder chairman of Summit Group of Companies, said, "The excellent work of Jaago in using web-based learning for the poorer students all over the country is perhaps a model of education in the future."

"Every child has the right to education, the right to go to school and learn. For too many, however, that right has been left in tatters by the Covid-19 pandemic," said Shayan F Rahman, advisor to the board of Beximco Group.

"Thankfully, we can cash in on the robust countrywide digital infrastructure and information technology prowess to enable distance learning opportunities for many," he added.

"Beximco, along with Summit, is proud to partner with Jaago to empower 4,000 children from less fortunate segments of our population with remote education," he continued.

During the virtual signing ceremony, Summit Group Directors, Fadiah Khan, Azeeza Aziz Khan and Salman Khan; and from Beximco, its Group Director, Ajmal Kabir, Executive Director, Samira Zuberi Himika; were present among others.


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