Researchers find ‘alarming’ rates of drug-resistant infections
While trying to overcome the tragedy, he also had to deal with money problems that increased with his sister's death
Some 64% of those questioned regarded economic inequality as the single biggest threat to democracy around the world. Respondents in the United States were most concerned with Big Tech companies...
The board’s initiative, covering 1432 men and 288 women players, was taken at the advice of BCB President Nazmul Hassan, MP, as a token of support to cricketers affected by the disruption to domestic...
Germany has classified India as a coronavirus high incidence area and also put the country on a separate warning list for coronavirus variants
The Indian leader is a polarizing figure despite his high popularity ratings. The pandemic threatens to dent his appeal
The meeting’s theme is “Addressing Covid-19: Ensuring a Strong, Sustainable, Inclusive and Balanced Recovery”