UCB Investment announces closure of JBL Sub Bond IV


TBS Report
03 February, 2022, 05:50 pm
Last modified: 03 February, 2022, 05:51 pm

UCB Investment Ltd announced the closure of JBL Subordinate Bond IV on 2 February at Jamuna Bank Tower. 

Mirza Elias Uddin Ahmed, managing director and CEO of Jamuna Bank Ltd, Tanzim Alamgir, managing director and CEO of UCB Investment Ltd, Md Rahmat Pasha, managing director and CEO of UCB Stock Brokerage Ltd and S M Rashedul Hasan, managing director and CEO of UCB Asset Management Ltd were present in the event.

Other senior officials from respective organizations were also present to celebrate this thriving moment.

UCB Investment Ltd, one of the leading and fast-growing investment banks in the country, had a tremendous year despite the unprecedented COVID 19 outbreak. The company was mandated to arrange around Tk6,000 crore just in one year, in which it has completed around 80% of the fund raising in very short span of time. The dynamic team of UCB Investment is endeavoring to accomplish all the transactions successfully.


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