Chattogram customs website hacked; offensive titles, bios added next to officials’ names


TBS Report
13 August, 2023, 08:10 pm
Last modified: 14 August, 2023, 01:45 pm
Customs House officials expressed shock and embarrassment at the situation

The website of Chattogram Custom House (CCH), the main customs station of the country, was hacked, with the perpetrators adding offensive titles and short biographies next to the names of former officials.   

The added information was removed by the website in the afternoon soon after the matter came to the notice of the authorities.

In the "At a glance" section of the website, the hackers added misleading information about the histories of former officials. One person was nicknamed "Gojobe Elahi", with an addendum explaining that the name was derived from his fierce temper.

Another collector was said to have died in a road accident, while one was praised for penning a good book on the customs act.

Customs House officials expressed shock and embarrassment at the situation.

Chittagong Custom House Programmer Md Shamim Ul Islam said the website was recently migrated under the same name. 

"We believe that someone uploaded random data by hacking. The contents were removed after it was noticed. We are looking into the matter," he said.


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