2 shot in Awami League-LDP clash in Cumilla 


TBS Report 
09 May, 2022, 04:05 pm
Last modified: 09 May, 2022, 04:41 pm

At least two people have been shot in a clash between the supporters of Awami League and Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Cumilla's Chandina. 

The clash ensued after both parties attempted to host Eid reunion programme at the same spot at the same time on Monday (9 May), reports Somoy. 

Police have arrested LDP Secretary General Dr Redowan for the incident.

According to locals, Awami League and LDP were holding rallies at Chandina Degree College campus in the afternoon. 

Awami League leaders and activists chased the vehicle as LDP secretary general Dr Redowan Ahmed's car arrived at the rally site. 

At that moment, Dr Redwan Ahmed, who was in the car, fired two rounds from his pistol through the window of the car. 

Cumilla Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) M Tanvir Ahmed said, "We have learned that Redwan Ahmed shot two people. He is at the police station at the moment. If there is a case, he will be shown arrested." 

He also noted that police is yet to know why the former state minister opened fire and the matter is being investigated. 

The LDP and Awami League both selected Chandina Redowan Ahmed College auditorium for their reunion events. 

However, the Chandina administration had urged both groups not to hold programmes on the same date. 



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